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Sydorenko, V. (2018). Akmeprofesiogenez teacher of the new ukrainian school in the knowledge society. Osvitolohiya, 7, 38-43. DOI: 10.28925/2226-3012.2018.7.3843

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Sydorenko Victoria,

ORCID iD 0000-0002-6626-4581
Doctor of Sciences in Education, Professor, Head of the Department of Philosophy and Adult Education Central Institute of Postgraduate Studies Pedagogical Education School «University of Management Education», 52A Sichovykh Striltsiv Str., 04053 Kyiv, Ukraine, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Under the Concept «New Ukrainian School» implementation, the educational community received creative modernization challenges, in which the social and professional mission of the teacher changes in the context of European professionalism, while preserving the best mental Ukrainian characteristics. In the system of the New Ukrainian school, the professional development of a teacher implies his self-development and self-realization throughout his life as actual socio-cultural priorities and meanings. Such a social order highlights the need for training specialists who meet the challenges of a society of knowledge capable of continuous intellectual, cultural and spiritual development throughout their lives through formal and non-formal education, focused on preserving, multiplying and transferring humanistic social values, assimilation of new professional roles and functions.

The article continues the cycle of publications by the author devoted to the development of theoretical and methodical principles for the acmeprofessionogenesis of the teacher of the New Ukrainian School in the system of continuous education. The explication of the basic concepts of acmeprofessionogenesis of the teacher, the «knowledge society», «continuous professional development», «acmeprofessional», «formal education», «informal education», «informational education» is carried out.

Pedagogical acromeprofessionogenesis is defined as continuous prolonged process of professional development of a teacher in the conditions of formal, informal and informal education, comprehensive formation of personality and professional, including the successive periods of its self-realization and self-examination, changes and transformations of the psychological structure of professional activity, motivational sphere, values-ideological landmarks, development of key competencies, assimilation and implementation of innovative professional roles and functions. The basis of acmeprofessionogenesis of the teacher of the New Ukrainian school is the transformation of four aspects into their integrity and interdependence: biological, mental, spiritual and professional. The acmeprofessionogenesis of the teacher is traced through his continuous self-development and self-actualization as actual socio-cultural priorities and meanings. One of the key competencies is life-long learning through formal, informal and informal education.

Alternative models, forms of improvement of qualification of the teacher of the New Ukrainian school are considered.

Key words: andragogical cycle;  New Ukrainian School;  adult education;  postgraduate pedagogical education;  pedagogical acmeprofessionogenesis.


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